Brent Regan: Mad Robotics Scientist

Mad Robotics Scientist
  • Won battlebots
  • Built the arm on the ALVIN submersible which found Titanic
  • P=LE : Prosperity = Labor * Energy
  • Human Senses – Haptic (touch, hearing), Radiation (eyes), Chemical (taste, smell), Proprioception (body senses where limbs are), Magnetic (sense of direction)
What is a robot?
  • – Robots are everywhere. Car factories, vacuum cleaners, even toilets.
  • Useful Mobile Autonomous Artificial Intelligence
    • Consousness
      • sentience
        • awareness
          • sapience. Therefore, Life?
    • Life? Therefore, rights?
    • Rights? Therefore, competition?
    • If competition, no longer useful. We really need to think about this if we’re going to build UMAAIs.
Replacement vs Augmentation
  • Most commercial airplanes tie instruments to autopilot: self-flying airplanes already exist.
  • Telepresence – more cost effective, remote operation, using haptic feedback.
    • Applications in Construction, mining, forestry, ocean and space exploration, military, manufacturing, farming, and entertainment.
The best way to predict the future is to build it.

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