Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is the official multimedia production flavor of the Ubuntu operating system. It is, arguably, the most widely used multimedia operating system on Earth, and has been used by independent artists and third world countries for audio, video, graphics, and photography.

In March of 2018, Erich stumbled upon a request to form an Ubuntu Studio Council since the project leader at the time could not lead the project. At this point, Ubuntu Studio was facing certain death due to lack of participation and motivation. Erich stepped-up and took on a leadership role by establishing the council and becoming Council Chair, as he simply could not let an important project like this die. Erich pushed a number of innovations, including giving the project a bit of a refresh along with some modernization.

Additionally, a gentleman named Peter Reppert came forth and presented a document to the Ubuntu Studio Council, with the working title Ubuntu Studio Audio Handbook. Erich saw the value in adding this handbook to the official Ubuntu Studio Wiki, and acted as publisher and editor.

For his contributions in such a short amount of time, Erich was made an Ubuntu member in November of 2018. He is continuing to work on innovating the project and leading the charge in making and keeping Ubuntu Studio the number one multimedia production operating system worldwide.