Amy, Jonathan, and Erich Eickmeyer

Amy, Jonathan, and Erich Eickmeyer

Erich Eickmeyer was born in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State and spent most of his childhood in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Currently residing in Post Falls, Idaho, he has been an active volunteer and one-time staff member with Real Life Ministries, having been involved in various capacities and RLM church plants since June 2004.

Graduating in 2008 from Boise Bible College, his studies revolved around the discipleship process developed by Real Life Ministries. Courses were taught by RLM staff members in conjunction with the college faculty which taught foundational Bible courses. To this day, Erich’s portfolio is still used by Boise Bible College faculty as a prime example in their portfolio-based studies.

In his time at RLM, Erich has become extremely knowledgeable on the RLM discipleship process having experienced it as a small group leader and in other capacities. He has attended both Summit and DiscipleShift (then called Immersion), programs developed by RLM for its leaders and leaders of other churches. For more information on these programs, please visit www.rlmchurchtraininganddevelopment.com.

Along with Erich’s passion for Biblical Discipleship in Relational Environments, he has a passion for computer technology and photography which can be seen in his hobbies and side-jobs. His background outside of ministry includes audio and video production, computers, customer service, and administration.

Erich has been married for 6 years and together, he and Amy have a one-year-old son named Jonathan.