What am I Going to Do With This Thing?

Just like any family that is planning on doing the RV thing full time, we have to severely downsize. For the most part, that will be easy. Amy’s mom called dibs on the bedroom set, her sister called dibs on the dining room table and chairs. Other furniture items will be sold and those things that aren’t gone will be donated.

There is one item that will be a little more difficult to deal with, however. I am the owner of an Early 2008 Apple Mac Pro. The previous owner completely tricked it out so it’s fully loaded. It has two 1 Terabyte hard drives, one with Mac OS on it, the other with Windows 10 via BootCamp mostly for gaming and streaming the gaming.

If you’ve never seen one of these machines, here’s a brief description: a gigantic aluminum computer tower. In order to operate it, you need a separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor. External speakers are nice to have, too. It’s a beast of a machine. Here’s the catch:

This thing would have nearly zero place in an RV Travel Trailer.

Here’s the other problem: this is my main media production/photography machine. I could do the photography with a different machine, but the horsepower required for video editing is something I simply cannot replicate with any of my other machines.

Ideally, I’d trade it for a tricked-out Apple MacBook Pro. So, if you’re an owner of a very powerful MacBook Pro and want to trade it for a Mac Pro, I’d be willing to discuss it. I’d even throw in a 23″ Dell Monitor (Two while the second one lasts as it has already been placed for sale), a wireless Apple Keyboard and a wired USB Apple Keyboard. Just contact me by clicking here.

Another option would be to find a travel trailer that includes a desk. I’ve only been able to find one of that kind, and would have to adapt other models. I have, however, found one model that would have an area big enough to put my existing desk, but again, not an ideal option.

If you want to help me solve this predicament, let me know in the comments. If you have a trade, contact me by clicking here. Of course, donations are always accepted by clicking on the GoFundMe link on the sidebar.


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