Seven Months Later

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t posted in seven months. Way too long. Normally I’d delete the blog and start over, but… meh.

Looking at my last blog post, I had just switched to Windows from Linux and Windows Phone from Android. After that time, I can say that I’ve been pretty happy. However, I do see problems on the horizon, specifically with Windows Phone.

The one thing that kept me on Windows Phone so long was the idea that Windows 10 Mobile was eventually coming. It was coming in December. December came and went. No Windows 10.

Then it was coming in January. January came and went. No Windows 10.

Now it’s coming in February… see where this is going?

Besides that, I’m running into compatibility issues and workflow issues that used to never be a problem on Android. So, very soon, I’m switching back to Android.

Now for the rest of the updates:

Back in early July I had the privilege of meeting Chris Pirillo. And from there it was all downhill. Kidding. Chris and I have formed a great friendship. I’ve become his production assistant, doing a lot of behind-the-scenes processing of his videos and podcast. It has been an absolute blast. He even helped me, albeit inadvertently, rekindle my love for Star Wars. Or maybe it was intentional. He’s a tricky guy, that Gnome.

Also, I landed a part-time job with a private Christian school being the primary person of contact for their audio/video production needs.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for now. Thank you all for following!



2 thoughts on “Seven Months Later

  1. Hey Eric, I just bought a 950xl. I’m enjoying windows 10 on the phone so far. What issues you having… I’ve gotten most apps I need… Pocketcasts, slack, a ssh client, tweetium for twitter, telegram,..etc

    And don’t feel bad, I restart my blog on an almost monthly

    • Well, believe it or not, I’m not really having very many problems. In fact, I absolutely love the UI. Bear in mind, I’m still on WP 8.1 with my Lumia 640. I’d probably have gone to Lumia 950 by now if it were available for T-Mobile, but, alas, it’s not and I love T-Mobile as a carrier.

      The biggest problems I’m having involve app availability. I just have some apps that I need on a regular basis that do not exist on Windows Phone. Also, some apps (such as Facebook and Facebook Messenger) haven’t been updated in forever and, as such, do not support comment replies. Additionally, FB Messenger on Windows Phone is flaky with its connection. I can never predict if it will send or receive messages on a given Wi-Fi network, and it’s just as hit-and-miss on the cellular network.

      Additionally, my move to Windows Phone was mostly an economic one. I’m being given an Android phone, so there will be no payments for it. Granted, I have to earn it by helping with a review, but I think it’s for the best.

      My wife is sticking with her Lumia 640. She says it’s the best phone she’s ever owned, which is saying a lot because she hates smartphones.

      Also, great to hear from you, Tim!

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