Departing The Colony

I guess it was never made clear, but I wanted to mention that back in early March, I stepped-down from producing for Jupiter Broadcasting. I love the work they do, and the crew is top-notch. I met some great people in my year with JB, and it was a very fun ride.

That said, there was some confusion with my latest announcement of potentially launching my own podcast on my GoFundMe Campaign. This was to be something of my own doing without Jupiter Broadcasting. The only reason they were even mentioned originally in the campaign page (mention is since deleted) is because of my year-long volunteer/internship. While I did want to explore the possiblity of partnering with JB on this, JB has chosen not to support me in that endeavor, and that’s completely okay.

Also, the primary purpose of the GoFundMe Campaign is to support my family, not start a podcast. That one is far from even planning stages at this point. It would be cool to do, but the planning for a podcast hasn’t even begun.

So, with that, I am making it clear that my affiliation with Jupiter Broadcasting is no more. I enjoyed helping while I could, but priorities had to change. I wish Chris Fisher and crew success in their future endeavors.



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